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Ib Michael was born in Roskilde in 1945. He studied Central American and Indian Language and Culture at the University of Copenhagen. Ib Michael has travelled widely, including trips to Latin America, China, and Tibet. He has also crossed the Atlantic and sailed in the Pacific to the Polynesian Islands. Among many grants and awards, Ib Michael has received The Booksellers Club Golden Laurel (Author of the Year) in 1990, The Danish Author Association Peace Prize 1991, The Critics' Award in 1991 and the Danish Academy Prize 1994. Ib Michael's fantastical novels and poems merge space and time, presenting the reader with an expanded version of reality, including myths and magical elements. His works include Kejserfortaellingen (The Tiger's Tale, 1981), Kilroy, Kilroy (1989), Vanillepigen (The Vanilla Girl, 1991), Den tolvte rytter (The Midnight Soldier, 1993), Brev til manen (Letter to the Moon, 1995), and Prins (Prince, 1997).

"It begins in mist. Far up on the top of the world, where no one sees, the ice splits with a crack that rings out over white fjords . . . There are no dead to be seen. Only the shambles in which they have left their erstwhile surroundings."

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