Alissa Walser



Alissa Walser, daughter of the well-known German novelist Martin Walser, is considered to be one of the young literary stars in Germany. Born in 1961, she studied painting in New York and Vienna. In 1992 she received the coveted Ingeborg-Bachmann-Prize and the Bettina-von-Arnim-Prize. Her two books of short stories, Dies ist nicht meine ganze Geschichte (This is not my whole Story) and Die kleinere HŠlfte der Welt (The smaller half of the World) were published by Rowohlt in 1994 and 2000 respectively.

"It wouldn't have taken much for me to be next to him, in a white gown; I'm not sure whether his bride knows this. For a year I turned down each of his proposals. I didn't let him bury me in a foreign family,"

taken from This is Not My Whole Story

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